• 37 B.C.–4 B.C. - The reign of Herod I, a Roman client king of Israel
  • 27 B.C.-14 A.D. - The reign of Caesar Augustus, the first emperor of the Roman Empire
  • c. 6 B.C. - The birth of Jesus
  • 26-36 A.D. - Pontius Pilate the Prefect of the Roman Empire's Judaea Province
  • c. 30-33 - The death and resurrection of Jesus
  • c. 35 - The conversion of Paul
  • 40s or 50s - James
  • c. 45-49 - Paul's first missionary journey
  • Sometime between 48 and 58 - Paul writes Galatians
  • c. 50-53 - Paul's second missionary journey
  • 50s - Paul writes Titus
  • 50s or 60s - Mark written
  • 50s or 60s - Matthew written
  • 51 - Paul writes 1 and 2 Thessalonians
  • c. 53-57 - Paul's third missionary journey
  • Spring of 55 - Paul writes 1 Corinthians
  • 56 - Paul writes 2 Corinthians
  • c. 57 - Paul writes Romans
  • c. 60 - Paul writes Colossians, probably while in prison in Rome
  • c. 60 - Paul writes Philemon, probably while in prison in Rome
  • c. 60 - Paul writes Ephesians, probably while in prison in Rome
  • c. 61 - Paul writes Philippians, while in prison in Rome
  • Early 60s - Luke written
  • c. 62 - Paul is free
  • c. 62-64 - Luke writes Acts
  • c. 62-64 - Paul writes 1 Timothy
  • July 18-19, 64 - The Great Fire of Rome. Emperor Nero blamed the Christians, and a great persecution ensued.
  • Mid 60s - 1 Peter written
  • c. 64-68 - Paul writes 2 Timothy from prison
  • c. 67-68 - 2 Peter
  • c. 68 - Hebrews is written
  • June 9, 68 - The death of Nero. Sometime between the Great Fire of Rome and the death of Nero, both Peter and Paul were martyred.
  • c. 69 - Jude
  • 70 - The Seige of Jerusalem and the destruction of the temple
  • c. 85 - John written
  • Late First Century - 1, 2, and 3 John
  • c. 95-96 - John writes Revelation

Dates for books of the bible are taken from the book introductions in the English Standard Version Classic Reference Bible. Some dates for the life of Paul were gleaned from this Catholic Encyclopedia article. Some other dates came from Wikipedia.

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